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About Us

A True Underdog Story

Origin Story

Originally from Cornwall, ON, I moved to Kingston from Ottawa 15 years ago.  I always wondered where I would lay some roots and realized in my 40's, I needed to live by the St. Lawrence River.  My buddy was in the military and just got posted to Kingston.  Without hesitation, I told him, I am coming with you. 


I didn't have much at all, starting fresh so to speak.  Relying only on my acquired skills and education, finances were very low.  Well after 6 years of trying to survive and find good employment, I was so frustrated that I decided to start my own company.  I started a handyman business, called Skills Central. 


2 years in, I was asked to do a move for Kingston Housing by fluke.  It went well and shortly later I was asked again by Ontario Works.   Enough calls were coming in to do moves that, I was faced with a decision.  At that point I decided to scrap the handyman work and totally concentrate on creating a moving company.  5 years later, we are incorporated, fully trained employees, a new 16 ft cube truck, fully insured, an A+ BBB rating, 3 years of being rated #1 in Kingston ON by customer reviews and offering a new state of the art self check out quote/estimate system.

Our Mission

We Provide The Best Professional Moving Service Experience.

  •  Google customer ranked #1 since 2019

  •  Reliable - we are always on time and   communicate all the way.

  •  Our prices are up to 50% less than all the   reputable moving companies.

  • Simple quick quotes over the phone within minutes.

  • Most innovative methods of   moving  and loading trucks.

  • Fastest, safest and most organized moving crew in Kingston.

  • We provide a fun experience with lots of laughs with a great bunch of guys. 

  • The word is finally getting around, we are the best overall option for any of your moving needs, let us prove it

  • No hidden charges / fees or pointless inventory

  • Our prices are based on time NOT weight

  • Top notch hand picked crew, that have worked together for years

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